Subramanian swamy exposed

Subramanian Swamy the biggest political Fraud India has ever produced an indepth story. This maverick professor specializes in misleading and maligning images of well respected personalities. He has recently been trying his luck in demonising muslims of India. Has written an article which exposes his mental bankruptcy. It appeared in DNA owned by Subhash Chandra who also owns Zee News. The RSS background of the owner is a known fact. Swami’s views are Islamophobic in the extreme and presumes that the people behind blasts were muslims and calls for violence against muslims. This dangerous Joker of Indian Politics is helping fuel the cycle of hatred which shouldn’t be justified in the name of freedom of expression. The author should be charged under sedition for trying to create communal disharmony by making unproven and explicitly false statements. Harvard Economist and Tamil Brahmin’s Hindu-Zionist arguments proves that he is in a continual intellectual sulk. Has no clue of Indian Political reality. He is caught in a time warp. The Maverick who has been an outspoken reactionary always has been a nuisance for the civilized society. It is these very points that Dr Swamy finds hard to digest. His ego seems to be bigger than the acceptance of an entire nation to Sonia Gandhi as our ‘bahu’. Ofcourse it makes a good copy in the newspaper or a splashy headline on news channels if you make false accusations. So it would be safe to say Dr Swamy is looking for cheap publicity at the expense of others. He is the same man who himself has been making money under the garb of creating a Hindu rashtra. Dr Swamy had organised a function organized on October 26, 2008 in Edison, New Jersey, to raise funds in the name of Sanatana Dharma, that is Hindu Rashtra. While preaching ‘dharma’ to others, Dr Subramanian Swamy did not follow the same himself. He did not inform the government of India about the fund raising in the U.S. nor accounted for the funds collected. This incident confirms that Dr. Swamy does not practice himself what he preaches to others. This is just one of the many allegations against the holier than thou Dr Swamy. Its a bit surprising to know how such a person is still in public life. Despite his contempt for moral values, he still raves and rants about demolishing mosques in a secular India. But the people of India have shown the door to such people, Dr Swamy has never won an election after 1991. The same time since he became a turncoat. Its time Dr Swamy took the help of a psychitarist and retired from public life.

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