Saffronization of Education Saffronization of Education

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and its sister organizations are acting swifty to brain-wash Indian school kids with their hatred filled fascist ideology in the name of Indian culture. They are re-writing books of school kids in which they claim that all the scientific discoveries were already discovered in ancient India by making ridiculous analogies with Indian mythological books. This systematic destruction of education will affect our present and future generations very adversely.

To carry forward their agenda, RSS has setup a consultative body named ‘The Bharatiya Shiksha Niti Ayog (BSNA)’ with the leadership of Dinanath Batra. Dinanath Batra’s textbooks which are used as reference books in Gujarat denounce blowing candles for birthdays as it was against “western culture” and that Pakistan, Afghanistan Bangladesh, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar as part of undivided India or “Akhand Bharat”. Same Dinanath Batra is also being consulted by the Haryana BJP Government in field of education.

This takeover of educational system by RSS is a real matter of concern for every responsible citizen of India. We must strive to provide a free rationale educational environment for our future generations, thus we need to raise our voice against the ongoing saffronization of education. The Hindu Nationalist organizations are openly conducting meetings and distributing propaganda pamphlets in educational institutes, universities and other public platforms with support of authorities to forward their communal agenda. It is equally important to realize the kind of education provided in thousands of RSS run educational institutes across the country where RSS’s political ideology and social agenda are forced onto students in the name of education.

When HRD minister of the country, Smriti Irani, consults astrologers, when the Prime minister refers to Vastu shastra and claims Ganesha’s Elephant head is a result of plastic surgery, we as citizens should rightly be concerned about the future of our education system.

We need to unite and raise our voice against those who are taking our country towards dark ages because we love our country. We want to make it a better place to live and learn where people of different opinions can live together in scientific environment. Let us fight against poverty, diseases, superstitions and caste-system and lets not mix education with religion and politics because country doesn’t need more riots it needs health, food, and good education.


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