Amit Shah’s Phone Calls Exposes his Role in Javed-Ishrat Fake Encounter

Parixita Gurjar the first Investigation Officer appointed by the Government of Gujarat to cover up the fake encounter of Javed-Ishrat was specifically instructed by her boss and now the prime accused DG Vanzara, not to collect any Call Data Records (CDR) from the mobile service providers. Little did they know that after over 8 years the phones would start ringing all over again telling the story of what actually had happened in May-June 2004.

The CBI’s investigation has come up with the CDR of several accused and a rather large volume of records have been annexed to the charge sheet. Strangely the CBI, did not analyze the voluminous records which could trace the activities of the conspirators. Be that as it may, we at Jan Sangharsh Manch thought it necessary to start a pain-staking analysis of the record. Till date we have been able to crunch the call records of 3 of the accused, namely DG Vanzara, NK Amin and PP Pandey and we hope to keep the analysis going till we can discover every dirty secret buried in these records.

The analysis of the call records of the three prime accused have started revealing absolutely startling facts about the who and who in this fake encounter. At present we will deal with the most significant of them all, namely the direct connection between Amit Shah, the then Minister of State for Home and the prime accused DG Vanzara. The chart  below shows the number of calls made in between them:VanzaraWithAmitShah
The numbers on the horizontal axis represent the dates in the month of June, whereas the vertical axis gives the number of phone calls made between Vanzara and Amit Shah.

Apart from the 3 calls made in the first week of June which have their own significance which we shall discuss in a later article, there are two distinct groups of call made between Vanzara and Amit Shah:

  1. 7 calls between 8 June 2004 and 10 June 2004.
  2. 6 calls between 13 June 2004 and 15 June 2004

If corroborated with the oral evidence by the constables and drivers who swore before the magistrate that on 10th NK Amin and TA Barot had started for Vasad to intercept Javed and Ishrat, the first group of phone calls with Amit Shah would establish that Vanzara was seeking Amit Shah’s approval for getting a go-head for the abduction of Javed Ishrat which he received on the evening of 9th June 2004 at 20.01 hours. Vanzara also kept him informed about the progress of the operation on 10th.

DySP KM Vaghela and  DySP DH Goswami, both of whom have sworn before the magistrate,  stated that on 14th afternoon when they had been to the chamber of DG Vanzara, they had heard Mr Vanzara telling Singhal that he had already received the approval from the CM and Amit Shah. Corroborating with this piece of evidence, it can be seen from the call records that at 17.26 hours on 13th June 2004, Amit Shah called up Vanzara to give the approval for the impending fake encounter of 15th June 2004.

Significantly on the night of 14th June 2004, at 22.57 hours, Vanzara called up Amit Shah perhaps to take the final approval.

It’s not at all surprising that we found that Amit Shah called Vanzara at 6:10 a.m. on 15th June 2004, which is just 40 minutes after the police officers had mowed down the 4 people, perhaps to regale in the aftermath of the encounter. After exactly one hour of this call, Vanzara rang up Amit Shah again and spoke to him for over 4 minutes to fill him up with the gory details of the cold blooded killing.

Till now all the oral evidences talked about Kali Dadhi and Safed Dadhi. But the analysis of the CDR has put a face to the Kali Dadhi. Do recognize him – he’s going to come for your votes.

Sr. No. Caller 1 Caller 2 Date-Time Remarks
1 DG Vanzara Amit Shah 20:01 9 June 2004 Day before police started camping at Vasad to intercept Javed-Ishrat
2 Amit Shah DG Vanzara 17:26 13 June 2004 Police statements state that this is the day, CM and HM gave the green signal
3 DG Vanzara Amit Shah 22:57 14 June 2004 Night before the encounter.
4 Amit Shah DG Vanzara 6:10 15 June 2004 40 minutes after the encounter!


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