16 Questions Arvind Kejriwal did not ask Narendra Modi but ought to have!

Narendra Modi refused to meet Arvind Kejriwal because he had 16 Questions but no water.
Narendra Modi refused to meet Arvind Kejriwal because he had 16 Questions but no water.

Narendra Modi is mortally scared of questions. Recently he cancelled his participation in Facebook Live Talks Event which caused him to become a laughing stock. He has previously either run away from journalists or gone completely mute when asked unfavourable questions. Modi’s refusal to meet Kejriwal has further confirmed that Modi can only answer questions if its part of setup which doesn’t leave him profusely sweating – like Chai Pe Charcha.

So far as Modi’s Development Model is concerned, it is a work of fiction created by the think tanks of the saffron brigade and publicized by the media to pitchfork Modi for the Prime Ministerial post and at the same time cover up the sins committed by Modi on and after 2002. The “Gujarat Model of development” has no economic basis except that Modi Government believes in handing over the entire business of State to a handful of his close capitalist friends (like Ambanis and Adanis) and open it up for foreign investors who are allowed to exploit all the resources of the State like land, water and tax-free SEZs. All the Stated Government does is to invest the tax payers money to construct infrastructure like highways roads, flyovers and supply Narmada to the industries instead of the farmers etc etc. To subsidize the Industries and specially to compensate the massive loss of Government revenue for making the SEZs tax-free, the Modi Government has reduced the wages of the new entrants to Government employment to 1/3rd of the regular salary! Farmers do not get electricity and water and their land is taken away forcefully. Many farmers have committed suicide.

The 16 questions posed by Kejriwal are however somewhat disappointing since he also seems to be caught in the saffron brigade conspiracy to not let the discussion go beyond the so called “Development Model“. Let us not fall into this trap and not pose the questions which exposes Modi’s blatant criminality. The questions Kejriwal did not ask are therefore are necessary to be asked. Some of the questions addressed to Narendra Modi are framed herein below:

  1. Were you the Saheb mentioned in the taped conversation between Amit Shah and GL Singhal?
  2. Were you handed over private conversations of a woman illegally recorded by Gujarat’s then IB Chief AK Sharma?
  3. Did the crime branch in-charge Additional DGP PP Pandey and IGP DG Vanzara take your (Chief Minister cum Home Minister) permission before carrying out fake encounters of Ishrat Jahan, Javed Sheikh alias Pranesh Pillai, Zeeshan Jowher, Amjad Ali, Sadik Jamal, Sohrabuddin and Tulsi Prajapati?
  4. After Gujarat Government accepted that the Sohrabuddin encounter is fake in an Affidavit filed in Supreme Court and arrested D G Vanzara, did you as Chief Minister order any enquiry against Vanzara and other officers who had murdered Sohrabuddin and his wife Kauserbi?
  5. Did you find out why your name was mentioned in every FIR filed by police in the fake encounters alleging that the deceased had come to kill him?
  6. Why have you agreed to the appointment of Amit Shah, who has been charge-sheeted and briefly jailed (and now on bail) in a triple murder case, as the in-charge UP’s election campaign?
  7. On 28th morning of February 2002, when the riots were taking place, what was Mr Jaideep Patel, prime accused in Naroda Gam case, talking over phone with the your office (Chief Minister’s Office) over multiple calls?
  8. Why didn’t you appear before the Nanavati Commission to testify about the 2002 violence and agree to be cross examined. Are you willing to be examined and cross examined even now before the Commission?
  9. What action have you taken against the police officers in whose jurisdictions the murders took place in 2002 violence?
  10. What action has your Government taken for the de-ghettosing of the Muslim settlements after 2002 specially the camps near Bombay Hotel where over ten thousand families are languishing without any faculties like road, gutter or water??
  11. As the Home Minister in 2002, can you explain why was the Special Task Force under Tandon and Gondia missing from Gulbarg society between 12 noon and 4 pm on 28th Febrruary, 2002, the period during which the mob burnt down Gulberg society killing 69 people including former MP Ehsaan Jafri? Why were they mising from Gulbarg society and found in locations with much less rioting despite multiple calls to the Police Control Room from the officer KG Erda who was present on the spot?
  12. Why haven’t you ordered a fresh investigation in Haren Pandya murder case now that all the accused in the murder case have been acquitted by the Gujarat High Court? Are you not interested in finding out who killed your former colleague and friend
  13. Why didn’t Gujarat Police arrest the policemen who killed three dalit youths at Thangad till the Gujarat High Court intervened?
  14. Does the Narmada Tribunal Award permit you to divert Narmada water to beautify the Sabarmati River Front and allow it to flow into the sea?
  15. Have you compensated the farmers who have committed suicide in the last 5 years?
  16. What are the total number of days when the Gujarat Assembly has been called in session in the entire period while you have been the Chief Minister?

We are posing sixteen questions today and we hope people will voice these questions since the development issue is a red herring created by the saffron brigade so that people stop asking questions about Narendra Modi’s criminality.

–Read More At:http://www.truthofgujarat.com/16-questions-arvind-kejriwal-ask-narendra-modi/

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