Baba Ramdev caught on camera discussing black money with BJP candidate Mahant Chandnath.

Modi's 'able' compatriot Baba Ramdev was caught talking black money on camera
Modi’s ‘able’ compatriot Baba Ramdev was caught talking black money on camera

Baba Ramdev has been pretty loud about bringing black money hoarded by Indian businessmen and politicians in International banks back to India. In fact, he’s pledged that Modi Government will bring back black money within 100 days if Modi were to come in power and has published his statement on his Twitter account.


Narendra Modi, who claims that he’ll be a chowkidaar (guard) of India’s coffers if he becomes the PM, has also been equally enthusiastic about Baba Ramdev’s ‘black money’ credentials. Modi has also tweeted to show his respect and support for Baba Ramdev.


As it happens with most spiritual gurus, after months of ‘black money’ talk, Baba Ramdev has himself been caught on camera discussing black money with BJP candidate Mahant Chandnath in a joint press conference that they were hosting. We have transcribed the conversation below:

BJP Candidate: Aise kisi ke kahin (yahaan) se paise lane mein baddi dikkat hoti hai
Baba Ramdev: Yahaan baat band karo… Yahaan baat mat karo.

It appears that since Election Commission’s regulations have been strict in his area, BJP Candidate Mahant Chandnath has found it difficult to smuggle in money for his political campaign. Forgetting that he’s on a stage with live cameras and microphones, Mahant expresses his problems to Baba Ramdev. Ramdev immediately censures him to stop talking about it since the microphones and cameras are live. Immediately after, both of them break into a knowing smile. Watch it for yourself in the video below.

Rogue Politicians like Modi and Rogue Babas like Swami Ramdev get exposed sooner or later. Modi’s multi-crore rallies that have been going on month after month for almost a year now couldn’t have been conducted without tons of black money pouring from Adanis and Ambanis. If someone still believes that either Modi or Ramdev is going to bring back black money, then they deserve a leader like Narendra Modi aka stalking saheb aka murderous safed dadhi.

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