Subramanian Swami, a Black Mailer and Opportunist

Subramanian Swami likes to be in news always, but on many occasions, for wrong reasons. After his 2G revelations, he crossed limits and now in trouble for his inflammatory and Islamophobic outbursts. The latest article published in DNA once again exposed his opportunism and the chameleon like character. He was a vocal critic of Hindutva in mid 90’s but now tries to portrait himself as the most trusted pro-Hindutva ideologist.   A man who strongly condemned the saffron Brigade after the demolition of Babri Masjid, a man who strongly supported article 370, is now airing concern over raising muslim population. He crossed all the limits when he proposed to remove the masjid in Kashi Viswanath Temple and the 300 masjids at other temple sites as a solution to contain terrorism. It is common sense that such a solution will not only encourage cross border terrorism but also will lead to more heinous crimes across the country. It is further shocking to hear from him that India be renamed as ‘Hindustan’ and only Hindus be allowed to vote. Such a view is highly fundamentalist and totally undemocratic. It is not a secret that Dr Swamy does have close business and family relationship with muslims. He should realize that no solutions can be derived by adopting a radical, fundamentalist and anti-national policy. Further, no doubt, his irresponsible, seditious and condemnable thoughts expressed in the article are un-islamic too. It is also alarming that Dr Swamy is trying to incite islamophobic using his freedom of expression to propagate hate. His bizarre solution is anti-constitutional as per Article 25 of our constitution. It proves that he has no clue about Indian political reality. Dr Swamy who is a political orphan, who runs a party only with a letter head which has no political significance even in Tamil Nadu, proves himself that he is a man, who lives within the security of his thoughts instead of having an emerging world of ideas. We can only wish him to rush forward, towards his self destruction since it may bring him and the world some peace at last!


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