India’s BJP Education Minister, Smriti Irani, lies about her education

A raging debate has been unfolding since yesterday as to how Smriti Irani, who is just a high school pass-out, could be made the Minister of Human Resources Development (HRD) in the Modi Cabinet. Ministry of HRD as we all know deals with primary and secondary education, adult education, literacy, university education, scholarship etc. In fact, till 1985 it used to be called the Education Ministry. So the big question is why did Narendra Modi hand over such an important ministry to someone who clearly doesn’t have the desired qualifications for it?

As it happens, several people dug up all sorts of tid-bits about Smriti Irani and her past as part of this ongoing controversy, some of which was unfortunately used as part of a highly sexist commentary on social media. What seems to be a bigger controversy in offing is that Smriti Irani’s declared educational qualifications as part of her sworn affidavits in the 2004 and 2014 elections do not match. While in 2004, she declared herself to be a 1996 batch B.A. pass-out from Delhi University, in 2014 that has magically changed to 1994 batch B.Com Part 1 from Delhi University. Her 2004 affidavit can be accessed herewhile a zipped version of her 2014 affidavit can be accessed here at serial no 3. We are showing here excerpts of her affidavits which clearly shows that she has lied on sworn affidavits.


Clearly, it is an embarrassment for the country when the Education Minister lies about her own education. Will Narendra Modi act or would he just let this issue be a never-ending embarrassment for India?


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