BJP’s Star Campaigner: A Triple Murder Accused

The stalwart that has been given the all important responsibility of chalking out BJP’s campaign and collect votes for Narendra Modi is the celebrated Amit Shah. He has achieved his celebrated status primarily for wrong reasons. His achievement in the recent past is to be arrested and bailed out in the murder case of Sohrabuddin and Kausarbi and being the prime accused no 1 (A-1) in the Tulsiram Prajapati Murder case. We may quickly look at the few paragraphs of charge sheet filed by the CBI in the Tulsiram Prajapati case before the Magistrate Court in Mumbai.

“6.56.    The total number of calls exchanged between Amit Shah (A-1), D.G. Vanzara (A-2), S. Pandia Rajkumar (A-3) and Dinesh M.N. (A-4) during the core period of the criminal conspiracy between November 2005 and December 2006 are mentioned below:-”

Name of the accused persons between whom calls were exchanged Total No. of Calls exchanged
1 Amit Shah (A-1) and D.G. Vanzara (A-2) 38
2 Amit Shah (A-1) and S. Pandia Rajkumar (A-3) 343
3 D.G. Vanzara (A-2) and S. Pandia Rajkumar (A-3) 493
4 D.G. Vanzara (A-2) and Dinesh M.N. (A-4) 69
5 S. Pandia Rajkumar (A-3) and Dinesh M.N. (A-4) 99

The above mentioned CDR establishes the intimate connections between the Home Minister Amit Shah and the other police officers who conspired to kill Tulsiram since he was the only eye witness to the abduction of Sohrabuddin and Kausarbi and therefore he was required to be liquidated to destory evidence. Besides phone calls, there were scores of direct witnesses who gave evidence of the conspiracy and murder of Tulsi. The next paragraph details the charges levied against Mr Amit Shah, the prime accused no 1, and his cohorts.

“7.    The aforesaid facts discloses the acts of omission and commission committed by the accused Amit Shah (A-1), D.G. Vanzara (A-2), S. Pandia Rajkumar (A-3), Dinesh M.N. (A-4),  Vipul Aggarwal (A-5), Abdul Rehman (A-6), Aashish Pandya (A-7), Narayan Singh (A-8), Yudhvir Singh (A-9), Dalpat Singh (A-10), Kartar Singh (A-11), Jethusinh Mohansinh Solanki (A-12), Kanjibhai Naranbhai Kutchhi (A-13), Vinod Kumar Amrutlal Limbachiya (A-14), Kiransinh Halaji Chauhan (A-15), Karansinh Arjunsinh Sisodiya (A-16), PC Pande (A-17) and Geetha Johri (A-18) during the relevant period as aforesaid constitute offences punishable under section 120-B read with Sections 302, 201, 218, 167, 365, 506 of IPC and Section 25(1 B-a) of the Arms Act, 1959 and  substantive offences thereof.”

With such celebrated gentlemen leading the campaign for BJP, one shudders to think as to where this country is heading towards when an accused of triple murder is leading the campaign from the front for capturing the central power. Weighed down by the enormous corruption that has erupted due to the misgovernance of UPA, we have another treacherous group aiming to come to power. Since no prophets are expected in the 21st century, we the people must save our country by opposing the present politicos who are masquerading as visionaries.


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