Baba Ramdev Exposed

This man is making mockery to our culture saying he is the promoter of our heritage is nothing but making fools to his followers using word “Swadeshi” (Native Indian). He is selling his brands saying Swadeshi but all the technology he is using to process and promote his products are Bideshi (Foreign). A knave religious political business man who controls his followers mind feeding Hinduism and Ayurveda in their mind and selling his products to make huge benefits from it. Giving communal bites to help communal Vedic political leaders to append Hindu vote banks for them. Just another Indian fake Baba till to now without noticeable hardcore scams. Using our ancestors intellectual think tank’s dress code and skills for promoting his Business and political appetite. This might be the first Indian Baba that advertizing his products directly on media. This Ramdeva baba spends millions of rupees in many Indian electronics and traditional media for advertising and marketing his products by himself as a brand ambassador for his companies. A Sadhu Baba selling products might be a new concept in this era. It is quite questionable what actually Indian Sadhu baba does? If they are Businessmen then why social identity is sadhu? or these type of knave and con men use the identity of Sadhu for their selfish desires in their ways? He is no doubt a stupid baba and has good quality of brainwashing to his followers.


According to people hearsay baba was a lazy in his young-hood. His poor family had driven him from home because he was a stupid idle, so once upon a time he used to sleep even in paddy fields. Then he tried to entry in any Sadhu’s Matha for free foods and avoiding laborious jobs. Many Matha rejected him. Lastly he joined a Matha where he taught Naulikriya yoga and started to teach others. Naulikriya yoga made him famous with help of others nexus and therafter he became a great businessman. Ramdev has acquired a Scottish isle/Island for about £2 million (Rs.201069563.00) to set up a wellness retreat. His wealth is more than Rs.2000 Crores. How Baba Ramdev has built a Rs 2,000 crore ayurvedic FMCG empire & plans to take on multinational giants is overlooked by his dear followers. If he is Swadeshi minded then thinking of multinational trade is showing the true face of fake Baba. If this man is a businessman then why using Indian sadhu identity to promote his business and political power? No doubt a fake baba that is master of brainwashing to innocent Hindu followers.

See some examples people who does good Naulikriya better than Ramdev.

Kids are also enjoying  The belly wave

Here is the Ramdev.

Vices Exposed:

In India, Black money refers to funds earned on the black market, on which income and other taxes have not been paid. The total amount of black money deposited in foreign banks by Indians is unknown. Some reports claim a total exceeding US$16.4 trillion are stashed in Switzerland’s.

Black money in Swiss banksSwiss Banking Association report, 2006 details bank deposits in the territory of Switzerland by nationals of following countries:

Top five
India—- $1,456 billion
Russia —$ 470 billion
UK  ——-$390 billion
Ukraine – $100 billion
China —–$ 96 billion

India has more money in Swiss bank than all the other countries combined. Second best Russia has 4 times lesser deposit. US is not even there in the counting in top five.


Fake “returns of Black money” roaring by  Thug Ramdev i.e. raising voice against the corruption to bag fame and name with vote bank to BJP:

Ramdev the Businessman and Agent of BJP Hindu Political Party for election campaigns. The report was leaked by a foreign magazine but baba used it for party and self propaganda.

Baba Ramdev caught on camera discussing black money with BJP candidate Mahant Chandnath

Baba Ramdev Exposed by Rajiv Dixit

Dhongi Baba Ramdev exposed by Yogi Ashwani

Dhongi Baba Ramdev exposed by Digvijaya Singh.

Ramdev abusing in front of media.

Fraud Ramdev Baba responsible for death of Rajiv Dixit and Guru Shankar Dev.

Ramdev proofs not only Indian politicians are corrupt and dishonest but Sadhus of India are also top cheaters, antisocial, dishonest and corrupt.

Click to the following link to see even Ramdev’s followers statred to hate him.

Anti Ramdev movment by his ex-followers.

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