Ishrat Jahan: Arnab Goswami in a hurry to give Amit Shah a Clean Chit, Victims will not pardon the killers

There are some channels which are in a great haste to sing ‘Washing-Powder-Nirma-Doodh-ki-Safedi-Gujarat-Mein-Lai..’ whenever it comes to either Amit Shah or Narendra Modi being excluded from any charge-sheet being filed in either riot cases or encounter matters. Times Now has gone a step further this time. The supplementary charge-sheet is yet to be filed and no one knows who are the new accused made in the Ishrat-Javed case, yet we heard its anchor not only give a ‘milk-white-clean-chit’ to Amit Shah but also declare this omission to be a great booster for Modi!

A perfunctory examination of the evidence so far nails Mr Shah. Just two phone calls made between the main accused Vanzara and Amit Shah before and after the encounter and the evidence firstly given by DH Goswami and later the admission made by Vanzara himself in his resignation letter are sufficient to arraign Amit Shah for conspiracy:

1. Vanzara to Amit Shah on 14/6/04 at 22:57, the night before the encounter.

2. Amit Shah to Vanzara on 15/6/04 at 6:10 in the morning just 40 minutes after the encounter! Amit Shah himself calls Vanzara.

The statement before the Magistrate under section 164 of the CrPC , Shri DH Goswami, the then DySP has stated as under:

I found that Shri Rajinder Kumar, Shri PP Pandey and Shri DG Vanzara were present there. These three seniors were discussing the details of the FIR of some encounter that they were planning and I remember Shri Rajinder Kumar telling Shri Vanzara to speak to the Chief Minister about it and Shri Vanzara saying he would talk to the ‘safed dadhi’ and the ‘kali dadhi’, the well known monikers in the Crime Branch for the Chief Minister Narendra Modi and the Minister of State (Home) Shri Amit Shah..

Shri Singhal had disagreed on reading this draft complain and I vaguely remember it had something to do with the motive in the draft and about the girl Ishrat. But Shri Vanzara was adamant and even said that he had approval of the Chief Minister and the MoS (Home)

Mr. Vanzara himself stated the following in his resignation letter:
I, therefore, would like to categorically state in the most unequivocal words that the officers and men of Crime Branch, ATS and Border Range, during the period of years between 2002 to 2007, simply acted and performed their duties in compliance of the conscious policy of this government…

The above three pieces of evidence clearly nails Amit Shah as one of the key-conspirators. After the CBI files the supplementary charge-sheet, it will become more clear whether Amit Shah should be booked for 302 (murder) read with 120B (criminal conspiracy) or for some other lesser crime – it will somewhat depend on whether CBI charges the IB officer Rajinder Kumar under section 120B read with 302 or not. Even if the CBI and the media are compromised, the victims are not going to pardon the killers.


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